How to clean your area rugs

Rugs are like any  other home investment , if you want to prolong the life of your rugs you must take good care of your rugs. Whether they are made of synthetic material or natural material; they need care and regular area rugs cleaning is important.  Here we are listing some tips, to help you take care of your beautiful rugs and make it them last longer and stay beautiful.

Vacuuming Your Area Rugs

This is certainly different than vacuuming your wall to wall carpets and can be very damaging if not done in a proper way. You must follow some basic rules while cleaning your rugs with vacuum.

  • High powered vacuum should be avoided to clean rugs; as they will pull threads out of the back of rugs and can even cause sprouts. If you have only high powered vacuum then use it with handheld attachment to vacuum delicate rugs.
  • You can use the beater bar for removing hair and other fibers from the face of the rug but you need to be extra careful as it can cause the fuzzing. So either turn it off while vacuuming or use it at on the highest setting.
  • Vacuum the edge of your carpet carefully as  the surging on the edges or borders of area rug is quite sensitive and vacuum can destroy it partially and fibers will come loose around the edges of rugs.
  • If your rug has fringes then use only handheld attachments to clean them.
  • You can also use sweepers and brooms for everyday cleaning or your rugs; which can prolong the time between vacuuming.

Professional Area Rugs Cleaning

  • Use professional cleaning experts or solutions for handmade area rugs; as they are very different from machine made rugs in terms of material and weaving techniques.
  • Always inspect the rug along with the cleaner before cleaning, and take an estimate so that you can pick the right cleaner. Also, get the receipt and guarantee of work before the cleaning is done then carefully inspect the rug even after cleaning to check out any issues.

Spot Cleaningjoy beige area rug

You can avoid the professional cleaning and vacuuming for longer periods by spot cleaning your rug whenever you need to. Keep these few points in mind before spot cleaning your area rugs.

  • If you spill on a area rug or carpet, try to clean it immediately. Once the stain is set in it becomes more difficult to clean sometimes even with cleaning solutions. Also, cleaning solutions can damage the fibres of some types of area rugs.
  • Never rub a spill as it forces the spill deeper into the rug or carpet and make it harder to clean. Blot with a clean white cloth or paper towels.
  • For handmade rugs or any delicate/ wool rugs or carpet; use lukewarm water or Stain Remover or a delicates/wool cleaning liquid to remove any residual stain.
  • Always clean the residual cleaner with clean water and then with dry towels to absorb any moisture left. You can also use portable fan or hair dryer to speed drying your rugs.

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